• Swing-Fit Golf

    SwingFit gives you access to TPI’s proprietary testing and training system. We help you identify any limitations and improve four key areas.  Learn more

    Swing-Fit Golf
  • Self-Management

    Our goal: provide integrated, state-of-the-art care for spine and musculoskeletal conditions that ends with you walking out our door pain free, with full function, and all the tools you’ll need to keep yourself healthy. Learn more

  • Our approach

    Mobility is easily taken for granted–until it’s compromised. Tulsa Spine and Rehab’s multi-disciplinary approach eliminates pain, restoring your mobility, flexibility, strength, and stability.

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    Our approach
  • Pain Relief

    Pain relief now, or a long-term fix of the underlying cause of the pain? We believe you deserve both!

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    Pain Relief
  • Your Team

    Effective care is a matter of teamwork. We recognize the importance of working closely with your family physicians and specialists to craft care to fit your specific needs.
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    Your Team
Relieving pain • Increasing function • Self-management strategies

IQ Testimonials

I was having constant neck pain for months. My husband recommended Dr. Sean Riley. After about 8 visits which included a Physical Therapist, massage and heat treatments, I am healed.
Margaret M.,